We offer Fieldstone Cabinetry

Over 170,000 Combinations

You’ll find exactly what you want from Fieldstone’s wide selection of door styles and finishes. Species include Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Red Oak, Quarter Sawn Red Oak, Rustic Alder, Rustic Cherry and Rustic Hickory.

A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING Choose from hundreds of organizational accessories.

Fieldstone Cabinetry is created with quality hardwoods: oak, maple, cherry, hickory and alder. For the past forty years, American hardwood new growth has exceeded its harvest – it is sustainable. Fieldstone’s Exotic Veneers (Bamboo, Rosewood and Wenge) have a core that’s certified NAUF-no urea formaldehyde. On top of each veneer is a water-based–non acrylic–top coat. To create the bamboo veneer, bamboo is steamed ( caramelized ) to create a rich tone. The rosewood and wenge are created from renewable plantation hardwoods. No endangered trees are in harm’s way to create these exotic looks!
Fieldstone Cabinetry has a Lifetime Warranty. Lifetime Warranty covers
all standard products
stain and glazed stain finishes
Five Year Warranty on:

Specialty finishes Amaretto, Bordeaux, Licorice, Linen and Villa
Tinted Varnishes, including Cottage and Old World Distressing when applied to a Tinted Varnish

Fieldstone Cabinetry recycles cardboard, paper and electronics and also items not usually thought of as recyclable, such as forklift batteries, coolant and shop lights. Wood scrap and dust is used to generate energy in ethanol plants. Shelves for cabinets are made in part form recycled wood. Surplus office supplies are donated to charitable organizations.

Quality details inside and out

Fieldstone Cabinetry takes pride in every handcrafted cabinet they build. It’s easy to see the beauty and attention to detail on the exterior of your new cabinets, and what you don’t see counts too!

Inside Fieldstone Cabinetry

  • The sides, or end panels, of Fieldstone Cabinetry are connected to the face frame using dado joints. A dado joint is a rectangle groove cut in one board so that another board can fit into it.
  • Inset cabinetry feature doors and drawers that fit inside the face frame for a smooth inline look. Precision in cutting and construction is crucial
  • Specifying flush end panels provide a custom, furniture-like look to cabinetry where the side will be exposed.
  • They believe door edges should reflect the same finish quality as the door fronts, so they spray the door edges twice with top coat for a durable smooth feel.